3 Ways Your Blog Can Capture More Leads Tomorrow

3 Ways Your Blog Can Capture More Leads Tomorrow

Posted by on Apr 8, 2014

Blogs can only stay alive with the promise of unique offerings and solid, well-written content.  Like any blog strives for, stickiness is only attained through convincing the end-user that your site worth coming back to.

If you can acquire traffic and build a solid following, the next and most obvious thing to do is capture the contact information of visitors so you can follow up with them via email as frequently as possible.  Email, as you well know, is 40% more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined and gives you the very unique opportunity of getting into people’s inboxes, the most sacred marketing space on the planet.

But you may be asking yourself, “what effective ways can I capture more leads when I get new shiny traffic to my site,” here are a couple we have compiled:

  1. Offer constant value:

    • There is nothing stickier than a site that you trust and believe will continue to provide value day after day.  Value can be delivered in many different ways including free publications or e-materials, Podcasts, SlideShare presentations, YouTube videos and more.  Keep the content fresh and it will keep people coming back for more

  1. Run a compelling contest:

    • Find your starving market and then run a contest for a once-in-a-lifetime prize and you will have yourself a bonafide lead magnet.  We have conducted research that asks our audiences their most desired contest or experiences and those answers have given us great ideas time after time to execute effective contests.  Have an easy to fill out form on the page with an exciting contest and see your leads grow exponentially.

  1. Have a compelling lead magnet on your home page:

    • A lead magnet is an offer, something that your customers would place a reasonably high value on, that is free and people are willing to exchange their information for.  A well-placed lead capture form on your homepage with a coercive lead magnet can grow your leads immediately.  A great resource for lead magnets is Clay Collins’ site LeadPages.  They provide tips to build them fast and make them valuable.


Start executing those tactics on your blog tomorrow and leads, and lord willing conversions, are poised to start climbing.

Remember, great blogs combine content and value to create loyal followers. Convert those followers and you might just have a business on your hands.

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Good luck!

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